Rose in Winter

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New to the court of Aerovale, Rosabel Damask dreams of finding acceptance and belonging among the nobles of the land. But just as her deepest, most secret wishes seem to be coming true, a stranger arrives with the wind and the frost. Now Rosabel must choose between fulfillment of everything she has ever hoped for and a mystery that promises so much more.

This fairy tale first appeared in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress XXI, edited by Diana Paxton.


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2 Responses to Rose in Winter

  1. Since this is a fairy tale, we’d “like” Rosabel to choose the mystery and magic that is true love. Real life intrudes even into fantasy, however, and in choosing Kenneth, who holds the promise of all she’s ever wanted, Rosabel makes the logical choice. I’d like to think I might have chosen Spindleshanks, but if my daughter had been in the same position, I’d want her to stay with Kenneth.

  2. Char says:

    I must be a worrier and have fears that Rosabel has been put under a spell, enchanted by Spindleshanks! What evil might lie ahead with that choice? I’d like to think I’d take chances, but I often seem to go the ‘comfortable’ route.

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