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Melancholy Elephants and Copyright

Twenty-five years ago, I read a science fiction short story called Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson. And for twenty-five years, this story has popped into my head whenever I hear news of lawsuits for copyright infringement. Melancholy Elephants is a good … Continue reading

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Marie Meets the Publishing Industry: Will writers be the next gatekeepers?

Joe Konrath and Blake Crouch have brainstormed a vision for the future of publishing that makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, my brain has been working along similar lines ever since I saw the possibilities of indie … Continue reading

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I wanna be Ivan Coyote

To become a published novelist, there are certain things you should do. One of those things is to attend writers’ conferences and workshops. Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of examples of published authors who didn’t attend some sort of … Continue reading

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