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The sounds of silence

Those of you who’ve been following me regularly may have gathered that I like audible books. I started listening to them at a time when I was spending two or more hours a day in the car and was under … Continue reading

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Train Ride, Part II (or “Ruminations on Space Age Foam Beds”)

I won’t lie to you.  You will not get your best night sleep ever when riding coach on a train. Our car quieted down starting around 9:30pm. I read in the dark (the glowing iPad is useful in this circumstance) … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Monster Hunters Incorporated (or “I wanna be Pitt Zastava Owens”)

I’ve been trying to get into shape for the last three years.  I started with boot camp, but had issues with snotty young instructors who have no respect for other people’s knees. So I moved on to a self-designed program … Continue reading

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