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Ruminations on Gravity

I meant to blog about the movie Gravity right after seeing it. Unfortunately, a couple weeks have gone by and details have slipped away. But perhaps that’s for the better. Now I can focus on what stuck with me the … Continue reading

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In celebration of The Hobbit

Tomorrow is the official release date of The Hobbit (part I). Until now, I’ve been feigning mild interest in the movie, with a hint of cynicism. “How nice,” I said, when I heard the movie was being made. “I hope it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Thor

As I said in my last blog, I’ve found the “I wanna be…” theme to be too restrictive, so I am introducing a new feature called “Ruminations on…”. Initially, I was going to call the feature “REVIEWS.” Catchy title, I … Continue reading

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