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Train Trip, Part IV: FAQs, Tips, and final thoughts

Now that I am a veteran train traveler (having ridden the train twice—there and back again), I thought I’d answer some questions that people have thrown my way. (1) What’s it like to sleep on a train? There are two … Continue reading

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Train Trip, Part III (or “I wanna be uninhibited”)

Here’s a thing about trains:  You are forced to be at least a little friendly. For example, if two of you are sitting at a table for four in the dining car, you can expect the Maître d’ to place … Continue reading

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Train Ride, Part II (or “Ruminations on Space Age Foam Beds”)

I won’t lie to you.  You will not get your best night sleep ever when riding coach on a train. Our car quieted down starting around 9:30pm. I read in the dark (the glowing iPad is useful in this circumstance) … Continue reading

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