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I love reading, writing, and editing speculative fiction of all sorts. My current focus is on writing contemporary fantasy, where I get to play god with characters from myth and legend. My Norse-based urban fantasy, Valknut: The Binding, is available at Kindle Books and other e-book retailers. You can find me at my blog ( and on Twitter (@mmloughin).

Ruminations on Gravity

I meant to blog about the movie Gravity right after seeing it. Unfortunately, a couple weeks have gone by and details have slipped away. But perhaps that’s for the better. Now I can focus on what stuck with me the … Continue reading

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Battling Perfectionism: The Aftermath

Is Perfectionism the Black Knight? Or am I? Who is King Arthur? On Friday, Jonathan D. Allen, Aniko Carmean, Hannah Loughin, and I embarked on a four-day writing marathon. We each set a goal for the weekend, which I discussed … Continue reading

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Battling Perfectionism with #laboringaway

There’s a Harry Potter marathon on the Space channel this weekend. I’m not watching it. Instead, I’m doing my own marathon. I will be writing from the moment I get up on Friday until as late as I can manage … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: not just a pretty face

I’m a Doctor Who fan. I realize it’s cool to like Doctor Who, these days. Fans pop up in the most unexpected places, from High School jocks to University librarians. My daughter uses the show as a sort of litmus … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Pacific Rim

I wasn’t planning to see Pacific Rim in the theaters. It looked all monsters and flying limbs. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots on growth hormones. No thanks; I love special effects, but I also love some semblance of a plot. … Continue reading

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The page is blank

It’s been a long time. I have no excuses, except that my brain seems to be as blank as this page, these days. I sit down with an idea and stare at the screen, but everything that seemed so clever … Continue reading

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I’m doing it wrong

I just looked at the top 20 best-sellers at Amazon. Here is what I found. Fifteen of the 20 are nonfiction. Six are nutrition/diet books. Three of those are in the top 10. The first fiction book comes in at … Continue reading

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A blog hangs in the balance

Hello? Hello? Anybody still out here? If so, you may have noticed that my blog has been experiencing a deathlike silence since late October. Indeed, there is a bluish tinge to its lips, and its eyes stare glassily at the … Continue reading

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In celebration of The Hobbit

Tomorrow is the official release date of The Hobbit (part I). Until now, I’ve been feigning mild interest in the movie, with a hint of cynicism. “How nice,” I said, when I heard the movie was being made. “I hope it doesn’t … Continue reading

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…and the story ends (Coffin Hop 2012)

Today I unveil the shared story begun on the first day of Coffin Hop 2012. I have to hand it to you people. You rock. The fun part of this exercise is seeing the different writing styles. I see hints … Continue reading

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