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I’m doing it wrong

I just looked at the top 20 best-sellers at Amazon. Here is what I found. Fifteen of the 20 are nonfiction. Six are nutrition/diet books. Three of those are in the top 10. The first fiction book comes in at … Continue reading

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A Helluva Tale

Welcome Coffin Hoppers and other friends! I’m excited to announce that the e-book for my dark humor short story Hell Hole is now available for sale. Strike that. The Hell Hole e-book is available for free! For the next three … Continue reading

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Of zombies, Poseidon, and tidal waves

Okay, so I’ve been MIA from my blog for far too long. We won’t even talk about that New Years Goal that shall be buried in the graveyard of laughable promises. I have many excuses, but none of them are … Continue reading

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Puppy, day 2: The nervous breakdown

Here is my new puppy. Don’t be fooled by his adorableness. He is a vibrating, finger-biting, cat-harassing, carpet-pooping little monster. That charming curlicue tail is fuzz-covered worm set on a barbed hook. Those soulful little eyes issue commands like a drill … Continue reading

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Discoverability: One Writer’s Solution

As “The Local Bookstore” joins the list of endangered species and we enter the age of digital books, one of the biggest problems facing readers and writers is discoverability. How can readers find new books without being able to browse … Continue reading

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Predgoalutions for 2012

Free Photo Bank Daring Predictions A president shall be elected in the US. It might be a new one. Road construction/modification will continue in Surrey, BC. None of it will be completed (except maybe the filling of some pot holes). … Continue reading

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I can’t believe this happened to me (or “Nightmare Makeover”)

I didn’t get a blog written this weekend.  I didn’t get my copyediting done either. It wasn’t my fault, though. See, I went out to check the mail yesterday afternoon, and I heard this noise behind me. The slow clomp-drag-clomp-drag … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Spam

Those of you who don’t maintain a blog may not know this, but there are people out there who think it’s fun or somehow productive to spam comments on blog posts. The spam never seems to have anything to do … Continue reading

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Animal Encounters

Each person in my family is famous (among ourselves) for some characteristic that sets them apart from the rest of us. For instance, Hannah is famous for being able to oversleep her alarm, sometimes by several hours. Tom is famous … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Super 8

I went to the dentist today. To be more exact, I went to the hygienist today, and the dentist stopped by for a quick visit. I’ve only had two cavities in my lifetime, so maybe I’m naive, but I’d rather … Continue reading

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