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Stuff that happens to me.

The sounds of silence

Those of you who’ve been following me regularly may have gathered that I like audible books. I started listening to them at a time when I was spending two or more hours a day in the car and was under … Continue reading

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Time for a long winter’s nap

I visited Hillary Jacques blog, today, where she described the descent of winter on her Alaskan town. And then she asked the question, “What is your winter like? Is it a season or a feeling? How do you escape?” Here … Continue reading

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I can’t believe this happened to me (or “Nightmare Makeover”)

I didn’t get a blog written this weekend.  I didn’t get my copyediting done either. It wasn’t my fault, though. See, I went out to check the mail yesterday afternoon, and I heard this noise behind me. The slow clomp-drag-clomp-drag … Continue reading

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Halloween’s not all about being wicked…

This beautiful Halloween story came in from Catherine Hedge, who doesn’t yet have a blog.  I decided to use it as a guest post.   Reading her story and the comment from Merry Simmons, I start to feel that there’s … Continue reading

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Digitization of Us All (or “The End of Civilization”)

Last week, I droned on and on about how much I love using my iPad as an e-reader. I had good reasons, too.  Admit it.  And I’ll stand behind them for my own selfish reasons. But there’s a part of … Continue reading

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I wanna be digital

Joe Konrath’s recent post, Digital Me, focuses on our collective love affair with home entertainment and its conversion to digital media. In particular, he talks about replacing much of his vast book collection with digital versions. I confess, ever since … Continue reading

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Train Trip, Part IV: FAQs, Tips, and final thoughts

Now that I am a veteran train traveler (having ridden the train twice—there and back again), I thought I’d answer some questions that people have thrown my way. (1) What’s it like to sleep on a train? There are two … Continue reading

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Train Trip, Part III (or “I wanna be uninhibited”)

Here’s a thing about trains:  You are forced to be at least a little friendly. For example, if two of you are sitting at a table for four in the dining car, you can expect the Maître d’ to place … Continue reading

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Train Ride, Part II (or “Ruminations on Space Age Foam Beds”)

I won’t lie to you.  You will not get your best night sleep ever when riding coach on a train. Our car quieted down starting around 9:30pm. I read in the dark (the glowing iPad is useful in this circumstance) … Continue reading

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Train Trip, Part I (or “I wanna be an Empire Builder”)

It’s 5:11pm.  Jules and I are off on our big adventure – crossing half the continent in a train. The journey began at 12:30pm, when we boarded a Cantrail coach (bus) in Surrey. Less then ten minutes later, we hit … Continue reading

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