Cover reveal for Valknut: The Binding

My poor blog has languished over the last two weeks and I apologize for that. But I have an excuse. (Don’t we always have an excuse?)  I’ve been working hard on the final touches of my urban fantasy thriller, Valknut: The Binding, which will be released at Amazon in early December. If all goes well.

I’d go so far as to say it will be released December 1st, but that feels too much like commitment.

Before I blather on much more, I want to show you the cover art created by the talented, versatile, and otherwise wonderful Vanessa Chan.

Now try this: Put the artwork on full screen, if you can. Get up from your chair and back slowly away while you stare at the picture. See what happens? Maybe I’m projecting too much, but I find the phenomenon rather metaphorical, if you’ve read the novel.

And now, I will re-handcuff myself to my desk and try to finish the novel so you can read it and find your own metaphors.

About Marie Loughin

I love reading, writing, and editing speculative fiction of all sorts. My current focus is on writing contemporary fantasy, where I get to play god with characters from myth and legend. My Norse-based urban fantasy, Valknut: The Binding, is available at Kindle Books and other e-book retailers. You can find me at my blog ( and on Twitter (@mmloughin).
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15 Responses to Cover reveal for Valknut: The Binding

  1. Jaye says:

    I like it! That image does play with the head a bit. This is exciting. I can’t wait to read the novel.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you could see what I’m talking about. If you have a really high definition monitor, you might have to back up unreasonably far to get the effect I’m talking about. Then it might seem more likely that I’m projecting. Or maybe just plain crazy. (Which has been suggested.)

  2. Tom says:

    The farther away I move, the smaller the image gets! Cool!

    • You must be looking at it on your ginormous HD monitor. You need to go into our backdoor neighbor’s house, go upstairs, and look out their upstairs window into our office at your monitor to see what I’m talking about. :p

      Wow, that’s a lot of prepositions…

  3. What a cool design, Marie!

  4. Nadia says:

    The Williams household is very excited!!! Tony is looking forward to his signed copy. haha

  5. Looks fabulous!! Your artist did a fantastic job! 😀 Looking forward to putting this one on my kindle.

  6. Kim McPherson says:

    Wow, that would make a great poster. I need a kindle!

  7. RobynC says:

    is that 3 interlocking-triangle thingie copyrighted? I could really see that (without the overlaid portrait) as a tatt…
    or something along those lines. 🙂

    • If the book does well, maybe I’ll get the tattoo. I’ll have to put it somewhere my mom won’t see it, though.

      The valknut is an ancient rune. I don’t think the originators have been renewing the copyright 😉

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