A word about Telesa, by Lani Wendt Young

Just for fun, I entered the cover for Valknut: The Binding in a contest at Shannon Mayer’s blog. “I love my book cover,” I thought. “It’s cool and well-suited to my novel. It’s bound to win.”

So when it didn’t win, I wanted to rant, stomp my feet, pull out my hair, and scream, “Unfair!”

Well, not really. With so many brilliant artists out there making beautiful covers, I knew the competition would be tough. In the end, the winner was Lani Wendt Young with her book, Telesa. I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t make recommendations. But the description is intriguing and Young’s background is certainly compelling for us North American types.

Take a look. Check out the book trailer.*  If you like urban fantasy romance, maybe download a sample from Amazon and give it a chance!

The Winner!

Ancient Pacific mythology tells of Telesa, Spirit women who are guardians of earth and gifted with the elemental powers of Air, Water and Fire. Telesa are vengeful and cruel. Tales to frighten children. Or are they more than that? From Washington D.C. comes Leila, a young woman in search of family, a place to belong. Instead she finds her destiny, and it threatens to tear her apart. There is the bewitching call of a telesa sisterhood and there is Daniel. Will Leila embrace her birthright or will she choose the one who offers her his love with a crooked smile and dancing green eyes? Will Daniel be the element that gentles the fire of the Telesa? Or must love burn at the altar of the telesa covenant? There are many different kinds of love. All of them require sacrifice. Who will give everything for the one they love?

Leila from Telesa

Bio from Lani

I  was born and raised in Samoa, in the South Pacific.  I went to university in the USA and New Zealand, studying English Literature, Women’s Studies and  Education. Back in Samoa I worked as a secondary school English teacher for 7 years and did lots of writing in between for the local newspaper and for myself. My short fiction has been published in Samoa, NZ, Australia and the UK. My collection of short stories “Sleepless in Samoa” won the 2011 USP Press Fiction Award.  My story ‘Beast that Came from the Sea’ was one of 24 Winners in the 2010 Commonwealth Short Story Competition and has been professionally recorded and broadcast in over 50 countries.  I also write stories for children that are used in primary school reading programs.In 2009 I was commissioned to research and write the narrative non-fiction book Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi’ about the devastating tsunami which hit Samoa, American Samoa and the islands of Northern Tonga. The book was funded by the Australian Govt Aid program and all book sale profits go back to tsunami survivors who were interviewed for the record. My book TELESA The Covenant Keeper‘ is the first in a YA fantasy/romance/thriller series.  I’m married to Darren Young (who is probably the most patient and most hottest man alive) and we have five children ranging in age from 4 to 16yrs. We now live in New Zealand where I try very hard never to leave my hermit cave. I blog as a slightly demented Domestic Goddess at  Sleepless in Samoa.

For a look at more fantastic cover art, check out Shannon’s blog.

*If anyone out there wants to volunteer to make a book trailer for Valknut: The Binding, just leave a comment 🙂

About Marie Loughin

I love reading, writing, and editing speculative fiction of all sorts. My current focus is on writing contemporary fantasy, where I get to play god with characters from myth and legend. My Norse-based urban fantasy, Valknut: The Binding, is available at Kindle Books and other e-book retailers. You can find me at my blog (marieloughin.com) and on Twitter (@mmloughin).
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7 Responses to A word about Telesa, by Lani Wendt Young

  1. Thank you so much for the Telesa book mention Marie. Im thrilled with the opportunity to connect with other authors on similar writing journeys and share ideas and publishing experiences. If you like the Telesa book trailer, I would be happy to give you the contact details for the talented Jordan Kwan who produced it, just let me know.

    • You’re welcome, Lani. And congratulations, again!

      (As for the trailer, I’m hoping someone will do it for love 😉 I may contact you if that fails.)

  2. I’m sorry your excellent cover didn’t win, but the competition was fierce. There was a lot of wonderful art on display. Telesa was a worthy winner, attention grabbing as well as evidently indicative of the content. The book trailer was also impressive. And no, I’m not volunteering. 🙂


    • Heh, heh. I didn’t figure 🙂

      Yes, I’m so impressed with the artwork out there, especially coming from the indie world. This boom in indie publication gives artists a chance to showcase.

  3. Thanks Marie! There were a lot of great covers there, but more than that, there was a lot of readers checking them all out which was all we could ask for as authors. Yay us! ;p

  4. Vili says:

    is there a movie to this? great book though (:

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