It’s a Party!

Drag your rumpled party clothes out from under your bed, because you are invited to my book launch party on Saturday, February 18, 2012!

If you cannot attend in person, don’t worry! You can still be a virtual attendee. (Details provided at the end of the post.) And because I am so happy to finally release Valknut: The Binding, I will be giving away a Kindle Touch (WiFi only) to one lucky guest.

“Launch, party?” you say, scratching your head. “But, Marie, didn’t you already…?”

Stop giving each other furtive glances behind my back and let me explain. As many of you know, I released Valknut: The Binding to the wild back in mid-December. It turns out that the second half of December is a horrible time to try to schedule a party.  Only my immediate family (some of them, anyway) and the greasy-haired kid who works at the A&W would have been able to attend.

But I want a party. I deserve a party. So I postponed the party. (One good thing about being an indie writer is that you can set your own schedule.)

One bad thing about being an indie writer is that you have to throw your own party. The Big Publishers always throw fantastic book launch parties for their new authors, right? With celebrities and champagne and stuff? Yeah, I’m sure that happens. Well, I have to do all that on my own. Except without the celebrities, because the only ones I know live too far away and I don’t know them very well, anyway. (I’m not sure they know me at all.)

So what do people do at book launch parties, anyway? This is not a rhetorical question. I really want to know.  So I’d appreciate some ideas, if you have any. (Preferably ideas that don’t include Russian caviar, jeweled party bags full of gold-dusted chocolates for the guests, and so forth. I’m on a budget.)

Here are the details I know:

~      The celebrations actually begin today. Now, in fact. Do any of the following, and I’ll register you for a chance to win the Kindle Touch.

  • Leave a comment on anything new that I post at my blog between now and February 18. (One entry. And I know what you’re thinking, but it won’t work. If you leave 15 comments at the end of this post, you still only get one entry.)
  • Leave a review for Valknut: The Binding at any online retailer that carries it and/or reader sites like Goodreads or LibraryThing. Send me the link—I can’t count it if I don’t know it’s online. (Up to two entries, and only reviews posted between today and February 18 count.)

That’s as many as 4 entries per person!

~      The official party will be at my house on February 18, 2012 (7:00pm-10:00pm). There will be food, something bubbly to drink, and door prizes. (If I drink enough of the bubbly stuff, I might read something from the novel. But don’t count on it.)

*Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

About Marie Loughin

I love reading, writing, and editing speculative fiction of all sorts. My current focus is on writing contemporary fantasy, where I get to play god with characters from myth and legend. My Norse-based urban fantasy, Valknut: The Binding, is available at Kindle Books and other e-book retailers. You can find me at my blog ( and on Twitter (@mmloughin).
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24 Responses to It’s a Party!

  1. Jaye says:

    Wowza! I am certain book launch parties require the honored author to be draped in gold cloth and mystical jewels, and carried in a litter upon the shoulders of burly men.

    Or, you can just drink some champagne and hug your friends.

    In any case, I have a Kindle, so no drawings for me. But if others need a nudge, they can read the reviews already on Amazon (mine is under JW Manus) and read your interview over here.

    Congrats and I’ll be lifting a glass for you.

  2. Yes! A party! Sorry I can’t be there in person – a transcontinental flight is not currently in the budget – but have a great time. You’re due the celebration.


  3. Tom says:

    Does this count? I haven’t won anything since finishing second out of literally billions in the “Person with the best spouse” contest.

  4. Party! woop woop yes. Every author needs one…or two or three or four. I hope you dont mind but Im going to shout it on Twitter etc so you may get some party-crashers!

  5. I’ve heard of people signing postcards or bookmarks that advertise the book. The Author Reading is another pretty popular part of the festivities. And bubbly – but you’ve got that covered!

    I read the excerpt at the end of The Corridors of the Dead. I did that just this past Friday, actually, and was impressed with your writing. I have got to get back on that train soon, because I’ve just got to know what’s up with the one-eyed, pink-haired man!

    Happy Book Launch!

    • Thanks, Aniko. I hope you enjoy it!

      We talked about bookmarks, but that seems odd, given it’s a digital book. My daughter suggests virtual bookmarks. We’re still working on the concept.

  6. So exciting Marie! Good luck!

  7. Char says:

    I’ve never been to a book launch party but I think you need a big cake with your book cover image on it. Wish I could join you for the live, in person festivities. Have a bit of bubbly for me. 🙂

  8. CAKE! Brilliant! You’d think I would have thought of that! Thanks, Char.

    Wish you could be here, too.

  9. Nadia says:

    Rock on! I am all for the dramatic reading. 🙂 Perhaps also themed napkins?

    • Can that be done? Specially printed napkins? Hmmm…

      • yes you can – you can print almost anything on anything – sounds much like a politician there, eh?

        cakes – food for thought – he he he – oh well, ummm… Dairy Queen ice cream cakes – YUM! You can take a pic of your cover or whatever other paraphernalia from your book and give it to them – think they can do this for you…just a thought…

        or, if you like St. Honore cake – YUM! again….for those not in the know, pastry, custard, sponge cake and real whip cream…. you can again take a pic, make small postcard,
        and place on top of this type of cake or any cake or not at all or or or…..any more ideas needed or wanted…. 🙂 J

      • Custard and sponge cake, mmmm, like that sound of that!

  10. Elwood Loughin says:

    A party sounds great and well deserved.
    suggest fresh Florida shrimp with a little gator tail, may not please Tom

    Cheers; Other dad

  11. Nadia says:

    I read the first two sneak-peak chapters on Amazon. From that, I suggest having twinkies and encouraging attendees to wear jean jackets and buttons. Or have a “make-you-own-button” machine 🙂 (yes, they exist). Too bad there is no Thor since there are tons of Thor-themed party items out now!

    You could also have a drawing of a giant tree with ravens ominously at party guests.

  12. Tony Williams says:

    Hi Marie! Looking forward to the party and to reading your book. See you there 🙂

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